Special applications available

Laminating Machine Model AS1300

The FEBA Laminating and Rewinding machine is designed to laminate a PSA material to a foam, rubber, felt or similar material.

All laminating systems are designed accordingly to the customer’s specific converting application.

Technical features:

Machine width 1700mm
Material width 1600mm
Master roll OD 1300mm
Materials thickness 2 ÷ 25mm
Output speed 20 mt./min.


Unwind Unit
The unwind station is composed of one station for the axial unwinding of the logs. This unit is equipped with one pneumatic shaft and the pneumatic brake is manually controlled.
Manual web guide (automatic as optional) composed of two photocells and one AC electric actuator which moves left or right if the material comes out of the path of the photoelectric eyes.

Drawing Unit
The drawing unit consists of two large diameter silicone covered cylinders suitable for unwinding various materials from 2 - 25 mm in thickness.
The two cylinders could be designed to accept the connection of a hot oil unit or heated resistances if desired.

PSA Unwinders
The first upper unwind unit is to keep the single sided tape to be transferred.
The second upper unwind unit is to eventually recover the siliconized paper (if you need to apply a double sided tape and remove the paper).
The lower unwind unit is to keep the second single sided tape to be transferred.
All unwind units are composed of pneumatic shafts and brakes.
Manual axial adjustment (PSA log left & right).

Slitting Unit (Opt.)
Driven slitting unit (Blade and Counter-blade).
Mechanical rotating slitting unit.

Rewind Station One rewind station designed to rewind the finished log up to 1300 mm in outside diameter.
This unit is equipped with one pneumatic shaft and one AC electric motor.

Dancer Roller (Opt.)
One aluminium dancer roller complete with one low friction pneumatic piston and one linear potentiometer.

Available Optional

• Infrared Heating Lamp (0 - 700 degrees)
• Hot Air Fan
• Automatic End Cut Unit for Sheeted Goods
• Exit and entry tables (for Sheeted Goods) on wheels