Sawing & Special Machines

Special applications available.

One, two or three Heads Sawing Machine

The machine has been designed for slitting logs of protective film, polyethylene, polypropylene and such like materials.

Designed with one, two or three cutting heads – fixed or mobile – for different cutting widths.
Adjustable blade speed range (PLC programmed).

Technical features:

Material width 2600mm
Maximum material OD 500 mm
Minimum material OD 200 mm
Cutting width 500 ÷ 2600mm


Manual Sawing Machine model S96

The S96 is suitable for slitting logs of polyethylene, polypropylene and such like materials.
An industrial vacuum unit can be supplied as a optional.

Technical features:

Material width 1500mm
Maximum logs diameter 400 mm
Minimum logs diameter 250 mm
Minimum slitting width 25 mm